Riverdale Primary School

Welcome to Riverdale Primary School

Welcome Riverdale school has a proud history of successful student learning within a supportive, nurturing environment. Staff at Riverdale School are skilled in identifying students' specific needs; challenging and developing their skills and encouraging active participation.

Our responsibility is to provide a learning environment which allows children to become literate and numerate and able to make reasoned choices about things which affect their lives. Riverdale students, together with their parents and school staff, play an active role in making decisions about the directions and daily running of the school. We are very proud of our community's involvement in developing and maintaining an excellent school and our attractive physical environment.

The care and welfare of every student is of prime importance and we invite you to talk to school staff to discuss your child's needs.

We provide the following information to assist you in supporting your child at Riverdale R-7 School.

For enrolment enquiries, to book a School tour or hire facilities, please contact us